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aRGee Computers | San Diego County Computer Repair, Data Recovery, and Onsite Support | aRGee Computers

aRGee Computers

Your "On Call" Computer Specialist.

aRGee Computers is your Information Technology (IT) department for hire. We provide data recovery, onsite service and emergency technical support for clients throughout San Diego County.

Keep your CA Security Suite up to Date!

Attention CA Security Suite Users: It is important to keep your system protected in order to ensure its safety and longevity. If you notice the CA icon in your system tray is marked with a Red X or Yellow Exclamation mark (!) action is needed on your part. Right click the icon & choose “fix now”. If that doesn’t fix it or if your icon is missing please call us right away. It is important for this software to run properly for your protection.

You can reach us by e-mail or by phone at (619) 462-2448.


Switching From Windows XP to Windows 7:

Are You Really Ready? Click Here

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