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Every Detail Matters

After over 30 years of successfully serving San Diego County and beyond, we've come to recognize a few key components to maintaining that success. Close attention to detail when it involves technology repair, can be the difference between a few minutes and a few hours. And anyone in business knows that in a computer crisis situation, every minute counts.

The calls aRGee receives the most frequently for emergency repair are for virus-related issues on PC's. Talk about details! These little pests seem to never end with new ones popping up that we work hard to stay on top of in our ever-changing world of technology. But, you can always count on the danger of contracting a computer virus and with the explosion of the internet, it is an obvious choice for spreading malicious code and malware. Ever since the first virus was created, antivirus software has been fighting them.

What About Windows Defender?

Over the years, antivirus software has become less expensive. Now, it’s so cheap, your Windows computer comes pre-loaded with Windows Defender, an antivirus program by Microsoft. When you install Windows 10 you’re protected from most viruses, but not all. Windows Defender automatically scans all the programs you open, and it downloads the new virus definitions from Windows Update. The interface for in-depth scans is easy to use. Most importantly, Windows Defender won’t slow down your computer, and it will stay out of your way. Most other free antivirus programs are not nearly as discreet, or 'light' on your computer's performance load. It's important to remember that like other corporations, Micorsoft is out to make a profit. They don't build affordable machines that will last decades, they build affordable machines that will last a few years.

Quality Anti-Virus Software

Frankly, the software that comes with your computer will not keep up with every virus or malware.  Typically, they don’t provide adequate protection and fail to scan as often as needed. It is suggested that Windows user consider purchasing Pro-Grade Antivirus Programs. Ultimately, these programs update more frequently, protect against a wider variety of threats, and they also enable features which lower grade software cannot.

If you found our website because you have a virus or you need advice on what's the best antivirus program, aRGee Computers is here to help. Call us at 619-368-5979, for a free, no pressure consultation.

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