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Service and Repair

Service and Repair

Laptop, desktop, mobile device, Mac or PC, network and internet connectivity and more... We keep you connected to your world.

Getting quickly to the root cause of your electronic repair is our primary focus. Even with today's cell phones that have so many capabilities, computers are still needed for many of the larger tasks. So when your screen begins freezing every few minutes, or becomes plagued by error messages, you need to find out what the issue is before you lose your data. We can help if that happens too!

aRGee offers both on-site and remote computer diagnostics. We can remove almost any virus and retrieve your data, replace hardware, even your entire hard drive, with quality replacement parts. Every repair we do on your computer is covered under our top-notch warranty, giving you peace of mind that your repair will last.



We service more than computers

We Are committed to providing the most comprehensive, fast and highly efficient IT services possible.

aRGee can help you build a robust and reliable network that maintains continuity, create a cabling infrastructure, offer simplified IT solutions that are tailored to your needs, diagnose and repair hardware and software problems, virus removal, new installations, networking support and more.